Informational Medicine

Each form needs basic information. It is like this in the whole nature, in the human body and also in all the things we produce.

The evolution of informational medicine started over 100 years ago by the beginning of quantum physics where it could be demonstrated that atoms are no small indivisible “stones”.
Instead, atoms can be seen as a field (energy field, information field) in which only a very few or no “material” can be found.

This has not been recognized or acknowledged so far by traditional medicine in this form.
Your whole body is composed of these atoms, which form the basis for all molecules. These are the basis for all cells, which are the basis for all organs and for the entire human body. When plenty of these small fields come together, it is very unlikely that something else arises beside an information / energy field.

Thus the entire body is logically more a vibration field than a “solid lump”, even if we percieve it quite solid with our senses.

To make informational medicine available for the people, the discovery that various organs, cell types and cell components of the body emit very specific frequency patterns in healthy condition was important. These were measured and stored over time for all body structures.

Within the informational medicine, there are special devices, such as the Metatronsystem, which enables the doctor to measure the current state of various frequency patterns in the body field and then compare them to the known reference values.

The waves in the body field have to be changed in computer readable 1-0-0-1-0-1-1 signals so that the computer can work with the determined values. All cell types of the body and also the known diseases or microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) have a very specific frequency pattern.

The compliance or deviation with these known frequency patterns is measured in the body field and the similarity of the measured to the known frequency patterns is determined and displayed quickly.

Frequency patterns can influence each other. It makes possible to calculate the information, which can correct the deviation from the healthy state.

PräsenzMedizin explains if it really happens and why there is no change sometimes, or why the symptoms that have been balanced on the informational level appear again.

The nice thing about informational medicine for the patient is that it is completely free of side effects or complications. Informational medicine is a wonderful addition to the previously existing diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities.

As with all systems, it is important that the user understand the relationship between the existing traditional view and informational medicine and also be able to explain it to the patient.

We can observe and describe very well what happens in human cells.
However, we do not yet understand at all how the billions of cells in the body know what to do in all the different situations.

What information is needed to be read from the DNA in order to produce the correct molecules at the right time – how a human being can grow – or how the body maintains itself – we have no idea.

In nature, comprehensive, all-controlling information must be available, where – if you look closely – it is highly recommended for us, humans, not to disturb it in its labour.

PräsenzMedizin shows how this “not to disturb” is working .

The informational medicine can be recommended in any diseases except for acute life-threatening situations and bad injuries that require surgical treatment.

However, nothing can be promised either in informational medicine or in PräsenzMedizin.
When you are ready to question everything you have learned and believed, you will be excited by the possibilities of PräsenzMedizin.