PräsenzMedizin so far has not been either recognized or aknowledged by traditional medicine.

In our medical practice, in the part of PräsenzMedizin, it is mainly about these questions:

  • What is really real?
  • Who am I?
  • What is the cause of symptoms?

The part Präsenz (presence) of PräsenzMedizin is about truth, which is logic and easy to follow. The truth must be the same for each person, otherwise it is only about individual interpretations, but this has nothing to do with the truth.
You should and need not to believe anything in PräsenzMedizin.

And don’t worry, you have not done anything wrong, you have not behaved stupid, neither the people in your environment have done anything wrong.

Within the self-image illusion many unkind words and actions are performed. It always and only reflects what the performing human believes to be at that moment.

The presence is this, what really is.
Here – Now – the true nature of man is obvious.

For all diseases, in the long term, it is very difficult to have a successful treatment if the real cause is not known.
Only then it is possible to talk about fighting against symptoms. This often leads to a chronic dependence on therapies or that the complaints come back again (relapse) or appear elsewhere (symptom displacement).

It is as if you were constantly wiping up the water from the ground in a house and you did not care that there is a hole in the roof.

Thanks to the latest technologies, it is now possible that even at the level of cells and cell organelles we can observe and describe the processes that are taking place. Over the past 100 years, we obtained a lot of knowledge in the traditional medical research about the processes in the body and all its components.
However, we have no idea how the organs, cells, cellular components and the countless biochemical processes that occur per second in the approximately 70 trillion cells know when and what to do.

On the visible “physical” level, we don’t find any answers that explain the real causes of all the symptoms. The answers considered today as the current knowledge, are mostly hypotheses, which means that these are believed assumptions, which are not questioned anymore.

The logical conclusion from the perspective of PräsenzMedizin is that the causes must lie in the intangible area.
But even with blocked energy flows, the question remains: Where do these come from?

Even in the field of information where the loss of information in the entire body can be measured with the modern systems we use in our practice, the question remains: Where does this loss of information come from?

Nature is complete and we, humans, are part of nature.

However, we have learned since childhood that we are a self-image (Ego) that appears to be mostly everything else than complete.
The more we believe to be this fictitious self-image, this “story-collection” or personality, the more we disturb the effect of the natural information.
The cells then no longer really know what to do.
As a consequence, we find numerous discrepancies in the results of blood tests and of the many functional circuits in the body, which then are perceived as symptoms.

Each maintained illusion costs you a lot of energy, which is then missing in your body for its natural functioning.
If you realize that you are not this self-image, the natural complete information can act undisturbed and everything is possible again, but nothing can ever be promised.

Finally, no one can heal another person with methods ever.
Since we, humans, are all naturally healed.
We have just “forgotten” it.

It often appears to be difficult to see that your self-image that you might have been forming for several decades and that you tried to improve and give a special shape, is just an illusion.
However, it is completely illogical to believe that we are a story-collection of positive and negative judgements, which was just projected on us by the people of our environment.

PräsenzMedizin is not about creating health, but avoiding that man no longer interfere nature´s work and realizing its natural being, which is completely healed.

PräsenzMedizin is not another theory, hypothesis or philosophy.
Do not believe what is written here, but analyze and check everything.

From the perspective of PräsenzMedizin, there are no “sick people”, only people who believe to be a sick, illusory story-collection, which brings countless consequences with it; not only in the health sector, but also for the whole experience and coexistence between people.


Dr. med. Volker Mann