In our practice of PräsenzMedizin you will find help

  • in acute and chronic physical complaints,
  • pain or infections,
  • acute or chronic sports injuries
  • or mental health problems,
  • … With no drugs or injections.

In acute life-threatening situations or injuries that need a surgical intervention, please call 112, the island-wide emergency number.

What can you expect from our Private Practice for PräsenzMedizin?

In addition, we are at your disposal
if you want to be healthy and feel naturally well in the long run.

with acute or chronic physical symptoms
The entire body is made of atoms.
According to the quantum physics, atoms consist in 99.99999% of energy / information.
Our body is therefore more an information field than a “machine”.
Each diagnosis and treatment takes place in our practice on this level of information.
– with no complications or side effects known through the present –
with psychological symptoms
Most psychological symptoms are the result of an illusion within the human perception. This perception you have just learned.
There is a possibility to perceive yourself and the environment again how it really is and not how you were thought to see it.
sports injuries
Also bones, cartilage, tendons, etc. consist of atoms, therefore of energy / information.
If the disturbing information is neutralized throughout modern devices, surprising results can occur quite fast in the entire field of sports injuries.
in spiritual questions
PräsenzMedizin is about to answer the basic questions of life:
Who am I? What is really real? And what is the cause of symptoms?
The illusion that we, people believe to be our “history” is widespread.
This “story”, the self-image, however, has nothing to do with what we really are.
In the context of PräsenzMedizin you should and need absolutely nothing to believe, since PräsenzMedizin is not a new theory, philosophy or a concept.
Many of the arising issues in the field of esotericism or spirituality disappear without doing anything if you have cleared the above mentioned questions for yourself.
for skin problems
Your skin will be treated superficially with special information-containing cosmetics.
The organs that are closely related to the skin, such as the immune system, the intestine and others are analyzed and balanced on the information level with the most modern systems based on quantum physics. In coachings or seminars we help you “find” again the natural radiance that you perhaps “lost” over the years.
for prevention
From the perspective of PräsenzMedizin the symptoms are logical consequences that occur when we are too far away from our true nature. When it is obvious for you what your true nature is, you do not waste energy any longer maintaining an illusion, which is connected to a lot of symptoms.